In memory of Yonatan Adler z"l

"Words cannot express how grateful we are to the program 'Yonatan's Legacy' for giving my son and our family the opportunity to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah just as the rest of his classmates would.


You have given us a gift that will remain with us for the rest of our lives."


(R., a single mother of 8)



The program prepares Bar/Bat Mitzvah boys and girls from disadvantaged families towards their coming of age. High school students from all over the country volunteer to mentor and educate the Bar/Bat Mitzvah teens in a series of educational sessions.


Together they explore topics such as identity and Jewish values. During the meetings, a Tallit and Tefillin are given to the boys; a pair of candlesticks to the girls and Judaic source books for both. At the end of the meetings, a Bar / Bat Mitzvah event is held for every participant.


Following the event, the celebrants volunteer with their student mentors and thus, continue the cycle of giving.


A Multidimensional Educational Process:

One single event creates ripples of impact within the Israeli society.

Encouraging the participants
together with the students
to give back to society, empowers
the participants & allows them
to be on the giving end.
High school
The volunteering of the students creates a positive atmosphere in the school & inspires other students to follow in their footsteps and contribute to society.
Leading the process gives
them an opportunity to fulfill their potential & talents.
These enhance the sense of responsibility & commitment
to the Jewish people.
Giving discretely according to
the family's needs makes it
into a respectful experience.
These reinforce the sense of competence & trust in society.
Gaining an empowering experience that deepens & strengthens the celebrants' Jewish identity.


Yonatan Adler z"l was born in July 1999 and studied at Neve Shmuel high school in Efrat. He was a talented boy and a social activist. Yonatan was a much-loved youth counselor in the 'Bnei Akiva' movement. He took his role seriously and made it a moral and religious mission.

Together with his friends, he initiated the production of Bar mitzvah events for kids from disadvantaged families.


For his graduation, he flew with his friends on a trip to Georgia where he died. The loss left a tremendous pain, but it also highlighted the significant imprint he had left.

After his death, his family and friends initiated the 'Yonatan's Legacy' program to commemorate him.


The program is operated by a professional team of 'Yedidim for Youth and Society'.



$7,000 per participant

Contributions can be made in honor or memory of

relatives and friends


Adress in Israel: 11 Beit Hadfus St, Givat Shaul POB 34415 Jerusalem, Israel 95483 95483 


Business Number: 800551087RR0001 200-2000 Ave Mcgill College Montreal, QC H3A3H3 Charities Directorate Approval


Federal tax ID: 20-5382632 16133 Ventura Blvd Ste 955 Encino, CA 91436 (818) 986-4686 IRS Determination Letter

Contributions are tax deductible in Israel, United States, Canada, Australia & England

Please mention in the donation: For the 'Yonatan's Legacy' program 

For more Information:

11 Beit Hadfus St, Givat Shaul POB 34415 Jerusalem | Tel: 972-53-6205994 | Email: moriab@yedidim.org.il


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